Rap Kid (World of Warcraft Rap)

from by fatty

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    This song won the 2009 WoW Idol contest hosted by WoW Radio. Lyrics by Fatty/Annie Masters; Music by Annie Masters and Jasen Boyle.
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You cowards better scram or you're canned cuz I'm back this
overpowered gnome is gonna camp you for practice
I don't know how or where but be scared cuz the fact is
when Fatty rallies allies with a rap, it's a wrap, kids

Trade, I'm in Shatt and I wtb summon
(bueler, bueler) What the crap! someone!
Beam me up to WIntergrasp, yea, Scrapps coming
(That's a 71! What a scrub!) Man I'm gunnin
It's all fun and games til an 80 gets done in
from a hit from a two handed blade on the blunt end
flirt with disaster? of course, i'm here ain't i
i plaster my ass to this fast healing draenei
and i'm soul stoned, but i stay back
wait til you're barely alive to attack
grab you & grip you & crit the KB
prolly spit on your corpse, i'm pitiful, hate me
taunt me, stomp me, Tauren cannot escape me
when they graze in the valley of death, up in AV
we slay til there's none of them left, every day a the week
stay in the cave and AFK cuz your play is weak

Alliance wanna scrap with Fatts ain't that beautiful
only losers group and then pursue to choose the noobier
(It's him! It's him! But he's a her! I guess the shirt is boobier...)
Wonder if I take the cake? I'll eat it too I'm fruitier
My groupies are cutier 2D nudists from booty bay
Who queue in when I queue & clue me in when you on ya way
Say your Druid will ruin me til you're blue in the face
this game is what you put into it, stupid, I ain't afraid
and you losers spewing hate on my YouTube are lame
your douchey two cents never gonna add up to change
"Scrapps You Ain't Lil Wayne" true but post on your main
"You think you tough by rockin chucks and wearing a chain?
Gay homo gnome you're like a gnomosexual
Play in slow mo gnomo while I set my pet on ya"
Blood elf I was expecting ya, my trinkets are go
and I'mma go so opposite of soft with my flow

Pah-lay-dins? Pah-lah-dins? It's antepenultimate
Put em up on the keep walls, we'll be keeping the vault in it
You're hardly assaulting it, I guess I'll have a snack
Sit back, relax and let my auto-attack attack
I might be Jack, yea, Sparrow I'm terrible
Embarassingly bad PvPer with wherewithal, but
You have heard of me, Savvy? So lay off
Purdy please let up with the hate words from bank alts
Where are the healers? Might as well HoT me now.
I'm the target of target of every target I've found
And I'm tabbing around, I know what I gotta do
This is my battleground and I got pride in my troops
So I'mma see if I can aggro the whole of the Horde
Cuz my pencil and raps are more epic than my sword
and by a ton please, my gear is pretty iffy
So I'm beggin ONE PIECE for 24 men to come with me


from WoW Rap Collection, track released August 21, 2009
Beat Produced by (Elliot Waite) - Jee Juh Productions




fatty Boston, Massachusetts

fatty will break your nerdy little heart. don't fall in love.

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