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    This song won the 2009 WoW Idol contest hosted by WoW Radio. Lyrics by Fatty/Annie Masters; Music by Annie Masters and Jasen Boyle.
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I'm a gnome warrior and I'm f****** furocious
Arms/Fury Spec Even Tauren's Like Oh S***
They could f***** squash me they don't watch where they sit
Til my axe hits they a** crack right where it splits
On the mic I just spit like I'm in the berserker
Stance on these stanzas and you're gonna get hurt, ya
Don't stand a chance like my sunder ain't stunnin'
I'm up in Nagrand and yell Halaa back youngin!
As soon as I charge and at the second I'm flagged
My frame rate stalls, what the heck man I'm lagged
Dude we're f***** surrounded!
B**** I wear plate I was made to be pounded
You found it surprising the rate you were dying
Don't bother lying I know you were trying
QQ More Noob but there's no use in crying
You may be Undead but you ain't death-defying

Call out and say you got strep
All day you level your rep
Exalted comes next and thats
Next day you go AFK
Try to grind through your day
On break you find time to play and thats
If ever you aggro, yo I got your back bro
Fatty always attacks and that's
We killin in ill tags
Every kid in the guild has
Blood'll be spilled cuz that's

Man, f*** street cred, I got leet speak geek cred
Elite's that we dread give loot like g*** h***
You're better off dead running back from the graveyard
If we bump heads, I'm leaving your face scarred
Enough with the race card, the Horde hates gnomes
You got knees where our face are and you still can't own
Notorious Tauren you know you aint tough
You cows are so p**** that you're thunder m****
Udderly useless, and no one refutes this
Your head pointed at itself shouted out shoot this
Truth is even you know that you're lame
Cattle in battle? that don't belong in the game
Oh now you're a mad cow, don't like Fattymac now
Bovine inspiration for just laying the smack down
But your hack's down, you can't clown me
These guildies are my homies from real life that surround me
I'm a proud G, N O to the M E
You're laying down traps but you're never gone slow me
They're playing my raps but still nobody knows me
I don't give a f*** all you heifers can blow me

You'll be pushing for 80 til you're pushing up daisies
Uninstall the patch and just go back to the dailies
I ain't talkin trash but the Lich Wrath gave me
Insomnia and only dinging could save me
I was begging the GM to crash the realm
so I couldn't spend a G on an epic helm
Like what the hell, man, I need sleep
My boss keeps calling I ain't logged in a week
Man showing up for work should be a feat of strength
Another 50 points in the achievement bank
And I got you to thank for recruiting a friend
I got no food in my fridge I got no money to spend
If I can't pay my rent they'll evict my a**
But I just hit lieutenant up in Wintergrasp
And I can't leave WoW alone, the game needs me
I belong to the guild I hope my wife don't leave me!


from WoW Rap Collection, track released August 21, 2009




fatty Boston, Massachusetts

fatty will break your nerdy little heart. don't fall in love.

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