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    This song won the 2009 WoW Idol contest hosted by WoW Radio. Lyrics by Fatty/Annie Masters; Music by Annie Masters and Jasen Boyle.
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Call out and say you got strep, all day you level your rep/ exalted comes next and that's nerdcore next day you go AFK, and try to grind through your day/ on break you find time to play and that's nerdcore If ever you aggro, yo I got your back bro/ Fatty always attacks and that's nerdcore We killing in ill tags every kid in the guild has/ Blood'll be spilled cuz that's nerdcore I'm a gnome warrior and I'm in the beserker/ stance on these stanzas and you're gonna get hurt, ya/ don't stand a chance like my sunder ain't stunnin'/ I'm up in Nagrand and yell Halaa back youngin'/ A summon's coming through, yea, my crew be wintergrasping/ tenacity's no match when ya faction has no tactics/ blaming lag in party chat has got this cat distracted/ i disattach my battle axe and slap him just to practice (haha)/ shoulda tabbed kid/ clickers can't find me/ you wasted that trap, did you think it would bind me/ nah put the mouse down, drop your headset/ don't target a gnome if you don't know who you mess with/ street cred? no! i got l337 speak geek cred/ elites that we dread see me and see red/ you're better off dead running back from the graveyard/ if we bump heads, i'm leaving your face scarred/ enough with the race card, the Horde hates gnomes/ you got knees where are face are and you still can't own/ notorious tauren, ya'll are udderly useless/ and blood elves are annoying even you won't refute this/ ya orcs are boring and ya trolls are trolls/ i better roll undead if i ever reroll/ and i can't leave WoW alone, the game needs me/ i belong to the guild i hope my wife don't leave me! (repeat chorus)


from WoW Rap Collection, track released August 21, 2009




fatty Boston, Massachusetts

fatty will break your nerdy little heart. don't fall in love.

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