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    Quirky, nerdy, and hilarious, with compulsively meticulous lyrics that will catch you off guard, make you angry, hook you in and break your heart, this short demo album offers fans of offbeat rap music something they haven't heard before.
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Featuring the Dishonorable Judge Combat


You best invest in repellant, hell I'm infesting your dwelling
I got a nest in your cellar door, I'm your festering smell in there
Cinderella fella with one slipper up in the air
and a citronella candle on the banister by the stairs
and a canister of Raid you say you aint afraid to use
if i don't stay the fuck away, bitch - i ain't afraid of you
I'm spinning my web world wide on the internet
one line at a time til I find I'm a twitter trend
& I ain't takin time to reply if you ain't feeling it
say it in a rhyme in fuckin time with the beat you pick
i'm a beat you with a seeping piece of honey comb and a beetle
make you explicate my lines til you meatheads can read meter
i'm lyrically superior spittin in synecdoche
and these two ears ain't hearing what your lips direct at me
you're asinine, your assonance ain't even half as stacked as mine
whack emcee, harassin me, just to fuckin pass ya time

"It's arachnoflowbia// the track gets hold of ya
Ya gasp and ya try to react but ya frozen there
That's when I violently attack! Lowered from the air!
Screaming! Don't even, no one hears ya! There's no one there!"

you're terrified, there are eyes everywhere watching ya
my fangs are the size of antarctica drop ya jaw
knock it off stop all of your crying there's no escape
my lines are my spider webs spinnin ya to the grave
my mind is made up, i'm tired of being fly
the rap kid arachnid will eat you fly emcees alive
and i ain't even got to try to get or be a guy to thrive
the fact that i'm a mystery might be the thing to get me signed
pissed at me online, trying to battle in a chat log
bitch, i'm a boss, you're a level 50 trash mob
fatts' raw, yea, trying to elevate this geeky shit
killing every measure with the syllables i'm squeezin in
enemy emcees deny my venoms even in em
til it eats em from the inside out like its my ritalin
i'm the slimmest thing you'll ever call a fatty
if the name has got you buggin out it's time to count your calories
how were we to know it'd be so catchy when my pals & me
were buzzin up in boston, oh my god it's the analogy
i brought it back so tactfully and easy i'm the fuckin queen bee
no i'm not, i'm aragog and you emcees will never be me

Bio-Guys, Gentle Ladies, and Transmen!!!
All rise and give your attention!
I'm presenting The Dishonorable Judge Combat!

This court is now in session!

I’m all up in my cave comin out like shelob
You gotta a big bag of softballs walked up and gave me a lob
You just like a hobbit but you ain’t got sting
No light of irendil or mithril no fuckin thing
can save you from getting poked with my big stinger
Make you paralyzed so that the pain can linger
As I make out with yo bitch yo I hope that she’s a swinger
Let that percolate as I produce another zinger
Cause you know my flow is the freshest
Don’t give me any of that “they stoled it, my precious”
I’m the most original rapper with an exoskeleton
I got you in my sights it’s quite unlikely you’ll be well again
Just curl up in a ball, that is called position fetal
I crush you eight times, yeah that’s right I’m octopedal
That’s eight legs if you don’t remember their latin
I’m the raddest baddest maddest mightiest spider in manhattan

I'll cut torsos in half with a sword securely stashed
in my nest or cephalothorax if you ever ignore the facts
You'll never endure Fatts whether youre clever, an elf, or an ass
warrior spider, that's my class, racial passive is i'm massive
that's a given and my passion isnt pacificsm, nappin isn't happenin &
trashy women grab my ass & make a pass & think i'll give in
when i pass they sad and twist it til they mad and hafta mention
how my venoms lackin jism, laughin, yea but i ain't with em
can i have like half a minute cuz i need my inhaler
Thank you Frankly if you turn and face exhibit A i basically
can help you see what fatty faces every day complacently
Placed inside the first of circles you'll discern the word mainstream
Yer to take that word to mean emcees you'd see on mtv
then we see here, overlapping, nerdcore, thats like geeksta rapping
logically, you see my web, in red, where circles intersect
except these fly insect emcees expect a jury of my peers
(an empty set, it seems, indeed) to have me kept set separate, here.


from Daily Heroic, track released October 17, 2009
Produced by Mike Lightner - JeeJuh Productions


all rights reserved



fatty Boston, Massachusetts

fatty will break your nerdy little heart. don't fall in love.

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