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by fatty

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There is zero reason for you to take this shit seriously so calm down.


released August 21, 2009




fatty Boston, Massachusetts

fatty will break your nerdy little heart. don't fall in love.

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Track Name: /nerdcore (explicit)
I'm a gnome warrior and I'm f****** furocious
Arms/Fury Spec Even Tauren's Like Oh S***
They could f***** squash me they don't watch where they sit
Til my axe hits they a** crack right where it splits
On the mic I just spit like I'm in the berserker
Stance on these stanzas and you're gonna get hurt, ya
Don't stand a chance like my sunder ain't stunnin'
I'm up in Nagrand and yell Halaa back youngin!
As soon as I charge and at the second I'm flagged
My frame rate stalls, what the heck man I'm lagged
Dude we're f***** surrounded!
B**** I wear plate I was made to be pounded
You found it surprising the rate you were dying
Don't bother lying I know you were trying
QQ More Noob but there's no use in crying
You may be Undead but you ain't death-defying

Call out and say you got strep
All day you level your rep
Exalted comes next and thats
Next day you go AFK
Try to grind through your day
On break you find time to play and thats
If ever you aggro, yo I got your back bro
Fatty always attacks and that's
We killin in ill tags
Every kid in the guild has
Blood'll be spilled cuz that's

Man, f*** street cred, I got leet speak geek cred
Elite's that we dread give loot like g*** h***
You're better off dead running back from the graveyard
If we bump heads, I'm leaving your face scarred
Enough with the race card, the Horde hates gnomes
You got knees where our face are and you still can't own
Notorious Tauren you know you aint tough
You cows are so p**** that you're thunder m****
Udderly useless, and no one refutes this
Your head pointed at itself shouted out shoot this
Truth is even you know that you're lame
Cattle in battle? that don't belong in the game
Oh now you're a mad cow, don't like Fattymac now
Bovine inspiration for just laying the smack down
But your hack's down, you can't clown me
These guildies are my homies from real life that surround me
I'm a proud G, N O to the M E
You're laying down traps but you're never gone slow me
They're playing my raps but still nobody knows me
I don't give a f*** all you heifers can blow me

You'll be pushing for 80 til you're pushing up daisies
Uninstall the patch and just go back to the dailies
I ain't talkin trash but the Lich Wrath gave me
Insomnia and only dinging could save me
I was begging the GM to crash the realm
so I couldn't spend a G on an epic helm
Like what the hell, man, I need sleep
My boss keeps calling I ain't logged in a week
Man showing up for work should be a feat of strength
Another 50 points in the achievement bank
And I got you to thank for recruiting a friend
I got no food in my fridge I got no money to spend
If I can't pay my rent they'll evict my a**
But I just hit lieutenant up in Wintergrasp
And I can't leave WoW alone, the game needs me
I belong to the guild I hope my wife don't leave me!
Track Name: /nerdcore (blizzcon mix)
Call out and say you got strep, all day you level your rep/ exalted comes next and that's nerdcore next day you go AFK, and try to grind through your day/ on break you find time to play and that's nerdcore If ever you aggro, yo I got your back bro/ Fatty always attacks and that's nerdcore We killing in ill tags every kid in the guild has/ Blood'll be spilled cuz that's nerdcore I'm a gnome warrior and I'm in the beserker/ stance on these stanzas and you're gonna get hurt, ya/ don't stand a chance like my sunder ain't stunnin'/ I'm up in Nagrand and yell Halaa back youngin'/ A summon's coming through, yea, my crew be wintergrasping/ tenacity's no match when ya faction has no tactics/ blaming lag in party chat has got this cat distracted/ i disattach my battle axe and slap him just to practice (haha)/ shoulda tabbed kid/ clickers can't find me/ you wasted that trap, did you think it would bind me/ nah put the mouse down, drop your headset/ don't target a gnome if you don't know who you mess with/ street cred? no! i got l337 speak geek cred/ elites that we dread see me and see red/ you're better off dead running back from the graveyard/ if we bump heads, i'm leaving your face scarred/ enough with the race card, the Horde hates gnomes/ you got knees where are face are and you still can't own/ notorious tauren, ya'll are udderly useless/ and blood elves are annoying even you won't refute this/ ya orcs are boring and ya trolls are trolls/ i better roll undead if i ever reroll/ and i can't leave WoW alone, the game needs me/ i belong to the guild i hope my wife don't leave me! (repeat chorus)
Track Name: Rap Kid (World of Warcraft Rap)
You cowards better scram or you're canned cuz I'm back this
overpowered gnome is gonna camp you for practice
I don't know how or where but be scared cuz the fact is
when Fatty rallies allies with a rap, it's a wrap, kids

Trade, I'm in Shatt and I wtb summon
(bueler, bueler) What the crap! someone!
Beam me up to WIntergrasp, yea, Scrapps coming
(That's a 71! What a scrub!) Man I'm gunnin
It's all fun and games til an 80 gets done in
from a hit from a two handed blade on the blunt end
flirt with disaster? of course, i'm here ain't i
i plaster my ass to this fast healing draenei
and i'm soul stoned, but i stay back
wait til you're barely alive to attack
grab you & grip you & crit the KB
prolly spit on your corpse, i'm pitiful, hate me
taunt me, stomp me, Tauren cannot escape me
when they graze in the valley of death, up in AV
we slay til there's none of them left, every day a the week
stay in the cave and AFK cuz your play is weak

Alliance wanna scrap with Fatts ain't that beautiful
only losers group and then pursue to choose the noobier
(It's him! It's him! But he's a her! I guess the shirt is boobier...)
Wonder if I take the cake? I'll eat it too I'm fruitier
My groupies are cutier 2D nudists from booty bay
Who queue in when I queue & clue me in when you on ya way
Say your Druid will ruin me til you're blue in the face
this game is what you put into it, stupid, I ain't afraid
and you losers spewing hate on my YouTube are lame
your douchey two cents never gonna add up to change
"Scrapps You Ain't Lil Wayne" true but post on your main
"You think you tough by rockin chucks and wearing a chain?
Gay homo gnome you're like a gnomosexual
Play in slow mo gnomo while I set my pet on ya"
Blood elf I was expecting ya, my trinkets are go
and I'mma go so opposite of soft with my flow

Pah-lay-dins? Pah-lah-dins? It's antepenultimate
Put em up on the keep walls, we'll be keeping the vault in it
You're hardly assaulting it, I guess I'll have a snack
Sit back, relax and let my auto-attack attack
I might be Jack, yea, Sparrow I'm terrible
Embarassingly bad PvPer with wherewithal, but
You have heard of me, Savvy? So lay off
Purdy please let up with the hate words from bank alts
Where are the healers? Might as well HoT me now.
I'm the target of target of every target I've found
And I'm tabbing around, I know what I gotta do
This is my battleground and I got pride in my troops
So I'mma see if I can aggro the whole of the Horde
Cuz my pencil and raps are more epic than my sword
and by a ton please, my gear is pretty iffy
So I'm beggin ONE PIECE for 24 men to come with me
Track Name: Bad Foley - Theramore & Back Again (BlizzCon 2010 Version)
We killed the king; I’m going home
Retiring to my old hearth stone
And Smiling Jim; My days were best
When I lay my head at the Shady Rest
I’ve captured towers, shattered crowns
Seen my cities taken down
One war ends, another’s found
Fires from the underground

(It Burned!)
And in the aftermath
I turned my back
I felt the flame

(It Burned!)
And what came after that
Skies turned to black
The hills were gray

Theramore and Back Again

The harbor master’s face is grave
familiar still but not the same
Olden roads through lonely marshes
Paved, remade for soldiers marches
Arathi, Warsong: Got the scars.
I’ve fallen back to Dun Baldar
But the hardest loss so far
Was Shady Rest, so back to war.

(It Burned!)
And in the aftermath
I’m turning back
I feel a flame

(It burned!)
And in the aftermath
I’m turning back
I feel a flame

(It burned!)
And the world
will never be the same, my friend

(It burned! It Burned!)
Theramore and back again